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"I really can't thank you enough.  When I was searching for counsel to manage my financial affairs, I really expected to find someone that was willing to walk the paperwork through the court system.  What I got was extremely valuable and expert legal advice that saved me thousands, and the equivalent in headaches dealing with the realities of my situation.  Your really raised the "bar" on what length a great attorney will go to, providing legal expertise to the client.  Thank you!" -Bob C.

"I am writing to provide a very high recommendation of Mark Wortman. I live outside the state of MO and I conducted a review of 3 Attorney's and Mark was one of them. The reason I selected him over the other two was due to genuine interest in me and my situation, his honesty concerning points of my discussion and him providing a realistic plan. He never tried to overstate any situation and based everything on the laws and his experience. Once I hired Mark he began immediately and provided me a list of items that he needed, he also tried to keep the process in gear so he pushed me several times to get all the information he requested to him, in some circumstances I did not have all the information and he worked for alternatives. He always moved quickly and I never had to call and ask him to move faster, although I did call for updates and he always returned my call within 24 hours, but normally same day (depending on his court schedule). I do have to say, Mark is a very calming person, and while it was very easy to get wrapped up in everything, he always was able to keep me level headed and explained why a certain circumstance was the better approach, he always let me make the decision, however, he was always right on. During my several journeys to court, over the phone and in KC, Mark ensured he had his response in on time and that I was prepared for the procedure and the potential questions and always said "tell the truth". Mark is very professional, but very confident. He knows Divorce Law and will lead you down the path, if you unfortunately have to go through it. I would recommend Mark in a second to my friends or others that had to go through this process; you want someone that will be Honest and Realistic with your situation." -Erik

"Mark Wortman is a awesome attorney!!! He did more for me in three days than my other attorney did in ten months and got everything hashed out in court. He went above and beyond for me and I got a lot of things that I didn't think I would even get. He did all of this on a very short notice and he worked me into his schedule and literally saved my bacon!!! He called me back when I called and left a message (my other attorney never called me a matter of fact I am still waiting for a call from him), he EXPLAINED everything that was going on ( are you kidding me, my other attorney never explained butkis to me!). All I can say was that Mark was a Godsend and he helped me out and worked overtime to get my case settled and agreed to. If you want a GREAT ATTORNEY to work for you, then Mark A. Wortman is the attorney that you want."  -Vernon S

 "Mark is a really great lawyer. Unlike many attorneys, Mark takes the time to listen to and work with his clients in person, on the phone, and through email. If you need a lawyer, I would highly recommend Mark." -Zack

"He was very professional, had a great sense of humor, and was honest and upfront about everything. The communication was excellent, unlike other attorneys that I've dealt with. When I left a message or email, I always got a response quickly. He was very fair with his prices, which made me realize just how much my other attorneys had ripped me off. I had a really complicated case, and he was knowledgeable and thorough. I switched attorneys during my case, and he took it on last minute and even adjusted his schedule. As soon as I retained him, my stress level dropped, because I knew he was going to take care of things that my other attorney was making me responsible for. What's the point of paying an attorney if you're left worrying? On top of everything else, I felt that he truly cared about the outcome of my case. I don't know why there aren't more good reviews about him online. His website provides a tremendous amount of information. A close friend of mine retained him after me, and can't say enough good things about Mark Wortman either." -Vicki

"Mark is a straight-shooter. There is a comfort level that comes with having a professional explain the situation fully; allowing the decisions to be informed and eliminating any second-guessing. Mark has always been able to take the big picture into account, not just what may be the immediate results. This ability to sweat the details but step back at take an overall perspective is something that allows me to place trust in someone." -Scot




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