Tips for Parents During and After Divorce

1. PUT YOUR KIDS FIRST AND DON'T GET CAUGHT UP IN THE WAR. It is very easy to become so consumed with the conflict with your spouse that you can lose sight of the most important people in the case, your children. Don't put your kids in the middle of any dispute with your spouse.

2. KIDS NEED BOTH OF YOU AS PARENTS. Show respect to the other parent, and don't make derogatory remarks about the other parent to the children. It is much more productive help the children foster a meaningful, positive relationship with the other parent.

3. FOLLOW THE VISITATION SCHEDULE. Kids may see a missed visitation period as a rejection. Also, the parents commitments will from time to time interfere with the visitation schedule. It is important to be respectful of the children and the other parent and make alternate arrangements when necessary.

4. DO NOT USE THE CHILDREN AS MESSENGERS. The kids should not be used to collect child support, to spy or gather information from the other parent, and they should not be interrogated upon return from the other parent's home.

5. DO NOT UNDERMINE THE OTHER PARENT. The children need the parents to be unified on major decisions regarding welfare and discipline. Failure to do so will confuse the childrent or invite them to play one parent against the other.

6. DO NOT DISCUSS THE CASE WITH YOUR CHILDREN, and do not allow them acces to documents and pleadings in your case.



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