On October 8, 2009 the Supreme Court of Missouri issued an order repealing the current child support guidelines and the formula for calculating the child support amount (Civil Procedure Form 14); and ordered new child support guidelines to take effect as of January 1, 2009.

The changes to the child support guidelines include the following:

  • Credit to paying parent for other children in their custody means other children primarily residing with that parent.
  • Increase in the amount of income for the custodial parent in order for the non-custodial parent to claim a credit for nights of overnight parenting time
  • Definition of split custody means when one or more, but not all, of the children primarily reside with each of the parents
  • One factor for consideration to deviate from the presumed amount of support based on income increases from $20,000 to $30,000
  • Assumption that non-duplicated fixed expenditures percentage of the basic child support amount does not vary even with split custody
  • Maximum credit for overnights on line 11 is 34%
  • 2007 Child Care Tax Credit Table Incorporated
  • Increase in Basic Support Amount schedule
  • New Form 14

To see a complete copy of the new guidelines, click here. For the new Basic Support Amount Schedule, click here

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