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When Attorney Fees Can Be Awarded in Divorce/Family Litigation

While Missouri courts normally follow the “American Rule” regarding legal fees – that each party is responsible for his or her own costs – Missouri dissolution of Marriage statutes give the court the discretion to order one party to contribut… Read More

Missouri no fault divorce - what it does and does not mean

Similar to other states, Missouri is a modified no-fault divorce state. However, there is some misconception out there about what this actually means for divorcing parties in Missouri. Modified no-fault divorce means that a party does not have to pro… Read More

Alimony payments terminate upon recipient's remarriage unless expressly agreed otherwise.

The Kansas Missouri Lawyers Blog had a great post recently discussing a recent Missouri ruling regarding the termination of maintenance (Alimony) payments when a former spouse remarries. The complete article is as follows: The Missouri Court of Appea… Read More

The Financial Aspects of Divorce: Why It usually IS "All About The Money"

I can’t think of how many times that I have had a client tell me, regardless of what the issue is that is in dispute, that the opposing party is “just worried about money” or that it is “all about the money” for him or her, and that is thei… Read More

Recent Ruling: Property Division Accounts for Squandering

In a recent ruling by the Missouri Court of Appeals, the court upheld a trial court ruling where marital assets were divided unequally between the spouses, the division included money spent by a spouse after separation, and spousal maintenance was aw… Read More

Be Careful When Incorporating Maintenance Into Marital Settlement Agreement

An issue that I have seen a few times, and that was recently before the Court of Appeals for the Southern District, involves the incorporation of maintenance (alimony) provisions into a Marital Settlement Agreement, where the agreement provides that… Read More

Division of Personal Injury Settlements in Missouri Divorce

In a divorce proceeding, a personal injury settlement can be a major asset that will have to be divided between the parties. Missouri uses the “analytical” approach to determine whether the settlement proceeds are marital, non-marital, or… Read More

Domestic Support Obligations and Bankruptcy

With so many people facing bankruptcy in the current climate, it may be good news to know (depending on which side you are on, of course) that the bankruptcy does not allow a person owing a domestic support obligation to use bankruptcy as a way to av… Read More

Case Law Update: Award of Maintenance (Alimony) Upheld

Case Summary: Past standard of living is not the standard for setting maintenance, but Wife showed that she can not meet her reasonable needs by working presently or in the future because of poor health and limited education. Circuit Court awarded pr… Read More

5-18-07 This weeks Missouri Family Law Cases

Wife Concedes Ambiguous Term In Agreement; Prevails On Appeal Separation agreement provided non-modifiable maintenance to Wife, and Circuit Court found no basis for modification, so it had no power to modify maintenance. Husband’s points, all r… Read More