Below are actual reviews of Kansas City, Missouri family law attorney Mark A. Wortman. Mark appreciates his clients and their willingness to share their experiences. Please keep in mind that the success of any legal matter depends on the unique circumstances of each case: successes achieved in past legal matters do not guarantee particular results for future clients.

I have had several lawyers for my divorce and modifications after the fact, Mark is by far one of the best lawyers in the KC area. He is the most rational, He outlines your options, gives great legal advice and achievable results, His fees are reasonable, His best quality is his communication. He responds to your questions within 24 hours and it does not matter what time of day it is. Most lawyers do not do that. I highly recommend Mark for any legal needs.

– JoMarie F.

Mark is a fantastic attorney. He accomplished in three days what my other attorneys couldn't do in eight months. Mark will sit down and explain what is going on with your case which my other attorneys kept me in the dark. He is very knowledgeable about the law and is an all around great guy. I can't express how happy I am with Mark Wortman, he is a God send. If you want an attorney that will fight for you, then this is the attorney you want to hire. He is awesome!!!!

– Vernon S.

The only way I know how to describe how Awesome Attorney Mark Wortman was handling my case is: Do you remember in High School or College taking those Multiple answer test and on some of the questions you would have four (4) possible answers A,B,C,& D and D's answer was "All Of The Above".


– Tim H.

I retained Mark as my attorney in my divorce proceedings. It wasn't the cleanest split and involved a special needs child. Although Mark was not well educated with my child's needs he took time to question me to have a solid understanding in order to obtain the best outcome possible. He is very candid on what to expect, was always well prepared for court, as well as took the time to prep me, since I was unfamiliar with court proceedings. I was quite happy with the settlement reached as well as his no hidden cost or by the hour fees that other attorneys I spoke with had. He keeps it real, makes you realize when you are reacting on emotions rather that common sense reasoning, and reminds you there are no 'winners' in divorces; although, I felt like a winner and very well represented in the end. As previous clients indicated, he was VERY prompt in returning calls, texts, and emails personally. No office clerk or secretary go between, which I personally appreciated, so I didn't have to keep repeating myself. I have already recommended him to friends and family, so obviously I would recommend him to anyone reading this as well!

– Kathleen S.

Mark was a capable and caring advocate during my divorce. His fees were clear and up front, and his dependability, availability, and commitment made a trying time as painless as good legal counsel can make it. He was always available to answer questions and concerns, and took time to make sure all my concerns were answered. I recommend him without reservation.

– Tamara B.

Excellent attorney. Mark is friendly, professional, honest and up on front. He goes beyond excellent. He makes everything so smooth and easy. I owe him a big thank you.

– Sahba Z.

Mark has an excellent attitude. Very professional and has a very good sense of humor. He is straight forward with everything involving your case. Mark does not charge high fees for his services which was great for me because I did not have a lot of money. He works with you on his fees. You can not get a better lawyer than Mark Wortman.

– Bradley K.

Mark was very professional and always prompt with responses. He was very organized and gave great legal advice. He showed concern and care in making sure my case was settled in a manner that was fair for me but ultimately respected my choices. I appreciated his knowledge and the fact that he took the time to explain things that I wasn't aware of.

– Bonnie A.

Mark was great to work with, he is very thorough, I would highly recommend.

– Nick M.

I don't even know where to begin to say how incredible Mark is. After going through a very lengthy divorce litigation with another attorney, I never thought I would like or trust any attorney every again. That was before I knew Mark. I found him on a referral and I can't say enough about how happy I am with him. He was very good to work with and I truly feel like he cared. I'm sure he is very busy and has many clients, and even with his case load, he always made time for me, always returned calls and emails in a timely manner, and always stayed on top of my case. My case was very complicated and ended up in the big court... a federal trial in which mark was AMAZING and won the case for me hands down in every way!! When the judge rendered his verdict he literally repeated Mark word for word and mirrored every single point he made showing everyone in the courtroom that Mark knew exactly what he was doing. He truly made my life better. I really can't say enough about his attitude, knowledge, and his ability to perform in the courtroom. He is truly top notch and I would never consider using anyone else and finally feel a sense of comfort knowing that whatever my ex-wife tries to pull again in the future, Mark will be on my side.

– Ron H.

Mark is a really great lawyer. Unlike many attorneys, Mark takes the time to listen and work with his clients in person, on the phone, and through email. If you need a lawyer, I would highly recommend Mark.

– Zack

He was professional, had a great sense of humor, and was honest and upfront about everything. The communication was excellent, unlike other attorneys that I’ve dealt with. When I left a message or email, I always got a response quickly. He was very fair with his prices, which made me realize just how much my other attorneys ripped me off. I had a really complicated case, and he was knowledgeable and thorough. I switched attorneys during my case, and he took it on last minute and even adjusted his schedule. As soon as I retained him, my stress level dropped because I knew he was going to take care of things that my other attorney was making me responsible for. What’s the point of paying an attorney if you’re left worrying? On top of everything else, I felt that he truly cared about the outcome of my case. His website provides a tremendous amount of information. A close friend of mine retained him after me, and can’t say enough good things about Mark Wortman either.

– Vicki

Mark is a straight shooter. There is a comfort level that comes with having a professional explain the situation fully; allowing the decisions to be informed and eliminating any second guessing. Mark has always been able to take the big picture into account, not just what may be the immediate results. This ability to sweat the details but step back and take an overall perspective is something that allows me to place trust in someone.

– Scot

I am writing to provide a very high recommendation of Mark Wortman. I live outside the state of MO and I conducted a review of 3 Attorney's and Mark was one of them. The reason I selected him over the other two was due to genuine interest in me and my situation, his honesty concerning points of my discussion and him providing a realistic plan. He never tried to overstate any situation and based everything on the laws and his experience.

Once I hired Mark he began immediately and provided me a list of items that he needed, he also tried to keep the process in gear so he pushed me several times to get all the information he requested to him, in some circumstances I did not have all the information and he worked for alternatives. He always moved quickly and I never had to call and ask him to move faster, although I did call for updates and he always returned my call within 24 hours, but normally same day (depending on his court schedule).

I do have to say, Mark is a very calming person, and while it was very easy to get wrapped up in everything, he always was able to keep me level headed and explained why a certain circumstance was the better approach, he always let me make the decision, however, he was always right on. During my several journeys to court, over the phone and in KC, Mark ensured he had his response in on time and that I was prepared for the procedure and the potential questions and always said "tell the truth". Mark is very professional, but very confident. He knows Divorce Law and will lead you down the path, if you unfortunately have to go through it. I would recommend Mark in a second to my friends or others that had to go through this process; you want someone that will be Honest and Realistic with your situation.

– Erik