D. Wolf

As a father going through a high-conflict custody dispute, post-divorce, with an ex-wife unilaterally obstructing the shared parenting order of the Court putting her in violation of the shared parenting order of the court and every other order as well, without exaggeration, Mr Wortman gave it to me clear, concise, and most important to me was ethically aligned and morally upright legal advice. More impressively, Mr Worman was not willing to take my case because of his current clientele and his commitment to their cases that would not enable him to put in the time needed for my daughter and I to be reunited, so he respectfully and politely left me with solid legal advice and a plan as what should be done next and I will be forever grateful to Mr Wortman for his honesty. I can confirm that finding an attorney with these qualities and fundamentally honest principles is not possible in Hernando County Florida.