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What to Do When Your Spouse Wants a Divorce

Whether you saw it coming or not, you might be wondering what to do when your spouse wants a divorce. If your marriage had been struggling for some time, you might already have been preparing to part ways. However, a spouse can sometimes be blindside… Read More
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Missouri No-Fault Divorce Laws: Simplifying the Process

Divorce can be one of the most emotionally challenging situations you ever face. It can also be legally complex, depending upon the issues that must be resolved. However, it’s important to understand that parting ways with your spouse doesn’t nee… Read More
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Divorce and Social Security Benefits

Divorce can have a significant financial impact on your future. In addition to dividing property, debts, and assets — as well as determining things like alimony and child support — social security benefits should also be considered when spouses p… Read More
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Missouri Paternity Laws: Establishing and Challenging Parentage

Under Missouri paternity law, a father has the right to spend time with his child and develop an emotional bond with them — regardless of whether they are married to the child’s mother. If the child’s mother will not recognize the father, paren… Read More
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LGBTQ+ Family Law: Unique Issues Faced During Divorce

Ending a marriage is never an easy process — and there can be even more legal challenges in an LGBTQ+ divorce. If you are in a same-sex marriage, you might face distinct issues related to custody rights, child support, alimony, and property divisio… Read More
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Telling Your Children About Divorce

Divorce isn’t only stressful for the parents — it can have a tremendous emotional impact on your child. While a child’s emotional reactions can depend on their age and emotional development at the time of divorce, it’s not uncommon for a chil… Read More
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Can I Keep My Wedding Ring After Divorce?

While the engagement ring is symbolic of a promise to marry, the wedding ring represents a couple’s commitment to each other. Unfortunately, not all marriages work out — and if you are considering divorce, you might be wondering what to do with y… Read More
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What Happens to Family Pets in Divorce?

Divorce impacts every member of the family, and that also includes the pets. Deciding who will have custody of the dog, cat, bird, or other animal can be one of the most emotional issues faced in divorce. While most people view their pets as beloved… Read More
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Divorcing After Your Children Have Grown Up

Divorce at any stage of life is difficult. But there can be certain challenges you might face if you are divorcing after your children have grown up. Whether you stayed in your marriage longer than you should have because you thought it was “better… Read More
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What is Divorce Discovery?

One of the most important phases of the divorce process is “discovery.” This is the stage of a divorce where information is exchanged between the parties in order for them to make informed decisions — and successfully present their cases in cou… Read More
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