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Young Asian couple considering collaborative divorce.

Is Collaborative Divorce A Better Fit For Your Family?

Divorce can bring a wide range of emotions, including anger, resentment, and grief, but sometimes also relief and hope. The standard procedure for divorce in Missouri closely resembles a lawsuit, which can often make the negative emotions even worse.… Read More
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Handwritten Provisions for Maintenance Not Modifiable

In Missouri divorce cases, courts may award spousal maintenance, also known as spousal support or alimony, to a spouse in certain situations. The parties to a divorce may also enter into a settlement agreement that includes spousal maintenance. A cou… Read More
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Change of Custody Affirmed

In a recent Missouri divorce case involving a minor child, The Missouri Court of Appeals held that a court cannot grant a final divorce until it has addressed the custody of the child. All orders affecting a minor child must be in the child’s “be… Read More
Family Violence. Unrecognizable African American Man Threatening Wife And Daughter With His Fist, Scared Mother Embracing Little Girl While Sitting Together On Couch, Selective Focus On Male Hand

Family Violence: Legal Help for Those Living in Missouri With an Abuser

Domestic violence is a serious crime under Missouri law in most situations, particularly when it involves physical violence or actions meant to put someone in fear of physical injury. Abuse victims often find it difficult to leave relationships with… Read More
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How Long After Divorce Can You Remarry in Missouri

Divorce marks the end of a marriage and the beginning of a new chapter of a person’s life. Sometimes, a new chapter includes a new marriage. What do Missouri’s family laws say about getting married after a divorce? Missouri does not place any spe… Read More
gray divorce

What is a Gray Divorce?

Divorce is a difficult and emotional process for everyone involved. While the country’s overall divorce rate appears to be near its lowest point in about half a century, the rate for older adults has increased in the past couple of decades. This tr… Read More
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relocating with child after divorce

Relocation After Divorce With Children: Child’s Best Interest

When the parents of a minor child get divorced in Missouri, their relationship as co-parents continues even after their marriage ends. Missouri law presumes that maintaining a close relationship with both parents is best for a child. Co-parenting pla… Read More
parenthood in same-sex marriage

How Does Presumption of Parenthood Work in a Same-Sex Marriage?

When a married couple with minor children gets a divorce in Missouri, any child born to the spouses must be part of the case unless they are already subject to an order for child support and custody from another court. As the concept of marriage has… Read More
Can a Missouri Judge Deny a Divorce

Can a Missouri Judge Deny a Divorce?

Divorce is a difficult, emotional, and often messy process. Missouri is a “no-fault” divorce state. The person who has filed for divorce, known as the “petitioner,” only needs to show that no reasonable chance exists for them to reconcile wit… Read More
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how to value a business in a divorce

How to Value a Business in a Divorce

Missouri family law states that most assets acquired during a marriage are marital property, which is subject to division in a divorce case. If either spouse owns a business, all or part of their ownership stake in that business might be marital prop… Read More
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