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Tax Breaks Every Parent Should Know About

Learn about tax breaks available to most parents. New parents often find themselves overwhelmed by the expenses that come with a baby. From nursery furnishings to “onesies” to countless diapers, your little bundle of joy is going to cost… Read More
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The New Bankruptcy Law

The hards facts just don’t lie. Divorce and bankruptcy sometimes go together. In an effort to help you understand what the changes in the new law will mean to those facing bankruptcy after October 17th, I have provided an article from Nolo. Her… Read More
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How can I keep custody of my daughter when her father has a criminal record?

QUESTION: My daughter is almost seven months old. Her father will soon be 20, but he acts like he is 12. He’s used drugs and has a criminal record (for assaults). Since my daughter’s birth, he has only visited her once a month and given h… Read More
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Changing Your Name After Divorce

I took my husband’s name when I married, but now we’re getting divorced and I’d like to return to my former name. How do I do that? In most states, you can request that the judge handling your divorce make a formal order restoring y… Read More
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Searching for Hidden Assets at Divorce

How to find property your spouse may be concealing when you divorce. This list includes common ways in which a spouse may undervalue or disguise marital assets: * Antiques, artwork, hobby equipment, gun collections, and tools that are overlooked or u… Read More
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Temporary Orders in Family Court

What kind of temporary orders you can get in family court, and how. Typical lawsuits take months, if not years, to make it to court. But if you’re getting divorced and need a quick decision from a judge about who gets the kids, the car, the mon… Read More
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Choosing a Guardian for Your Children

If you have children, you should choose a personal guardian — someone to raise them in the unlikely event you can’t. If your children are young, you’ve probably thought about who would raise them if for some reason you and the other… Read More
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Child Support and Taxes

What you need to know about your taxes if you pay or receive child support. For federal income tax purposes, child support is tax-free to the recipient, meaning neither the ex-spouse nor the child owes taxes on it. However, child support payments are… Read More
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When you can keep lawyers out of divorce, and when you should hire one

When You Can Keep Lawyers Out of Divorce — And When You Should Hire One How to get divorced without using a lawyer — and when you might really need one. You probably know of people who suffered the torments of hell going through divorce,… Read More
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