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A mother protects her child from father violence. Divorce involving child custody and domestic violence.

Determining Child Custody in Divorce Cases Involving Domestic Violence

Many people who have experienced domestic violence in their marriages fear that they will lose custody of their children to the abusive spouse. Although Missouri courts favor joint custody whenever possible, an exception may sometimes be made in case… Read More
Loving single mother hugging cute little daughter kissing kid sitting on sofa, concept for custody arrangement.

Missouri Court Holds Joint Custody Award Not Appropriate When Parties Cannot Effectively Co-Parent

Child custody arrangement is often one of the most contentious issues in any divorce case. No matter how challenging it might be, it’s essential for parents to put aside their differences in order to co-parent effectively. Unwillingness to do so co… Read More
Sad African teen girl sit on sofa lost in thoughts, thinks staring into distance, feels insecure. Teen problem concept what age can a child refuse visitation.

At what age can a child refuse visitation in Missouri?

Children who are subject to a child custody order typically have a schedule for visitation, also known as “parenting time,” with each parent. They may reside primarily with one parent, known as the “custodial parent,” and see the “non-custo… Read More
A low-angle of a family of four out walking their dog. Special needs child in wheelchair is at the front of the group.

Getting a Divorce When You Have a Special Needs Child

Divorce is a difficult process under the best of circumstances. You must deal with a wide range of emotions in addition to all of the legal and practical issues. If you have children, you must help them through a confusing and painful time. A divorce… Read More
Father and son wearing masks traveling by plane. Concept for Travel Internationally With My Child Under a Custody Order.

Can I Travel Internationally With My Child Under a Missouri Custody Order?

Parents often travel with children for a variety of purposes, such as visiting family or going on vacation. It is easy to take the ability to travel with one’s own children for granted, but when a child is subject to a Missouri child custody order,… Read More
African-american daughter preteen girl reading book at home while her parents discuss What to Ask a Potential Child Custody Lawyer In Missouri on the sofa.

What to Ask a Potential Child Custody Lawyer In Missouri

Child custody disputes are among the most difficult experiences many people will face. A conflict may occur as part of a divorce in which the divorcing parties have minor children, or it could arise between parents who never married. A parent may ask… Read More
Change in child custody laws

Bills in Missouri Legislature Push for Change in Child Custody Laws

Two bills pending in the Missouri Legislature would make changes in child custody laws to expand the rights of both parents in custody disputes. Bills in both houses of the state legislature would modify the factors courts should consider when decidi… Read More
Happy african american dad embracing daughter cuddling at home

Change of Custody Affirmed

In a recent Missouri divorce case involving a minor child, The Missouri Court of Appeals held that a court cannot grant a final divorce until it has addressed the custody of the child. All orders affecting a minor child must be in the child’s “be… Read More
relocating with child after divorce

Relocation After Divorce With Children: Child’s Best Interest

When the parents of a minor child get divorced in Missouri, their relationship as co-parents continues even after their marriage ends. Missouri law presumes that maintaining a close relationship with both parents is best for a child. Co-parenting pla… Read More
Happy single mother and her small daughter in cardboard box at their new home.

Relocating Children After a Missouri Divorce

When a court in Missouri grants a divorce involving a minor child or children, it must determine that all of the provisions of the divorce affecting the children are in the children’s best interests. This often includes a custody order giving both… Read More