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Telling Your Children About Divorce

Divorce isn’t only stressful for the parents — it can have a tremendous emotional impact on your child. While a child’s emotional reactions can depend on their age and emotional development at the time of divorce, it’s not uncommon for a chil… Read More
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Hands of caucasian female who is about to taking off her wedding ring. Visual concept for blog article: Can I Keep My Wedding Ring After Divorce?

Can I Keep My Wedding Ring After Divorce?

While the engagement ring is symbolic of a promise to marry, the wedding ring represents a couple’s commitment to each other. Unfortunately, not all marriages work out — and if you are considering divorce, you might be wondering what to do with y… Read More
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Cute Dachshund dogs lie in bed with pillows and blanket like family couple suffering from relationship difficulties. Concept for blog: What Happens to the Family Pets in Divorce?

What Happens to Family Pets in Divorce?

Divorce impacts every member of the family, and that also includes the pets. Deciding who will have custody of the dog, cat, bird, or other animal can be one of the most emotional issues faced in divorce. While most people view their pets as beloved… Read More
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Family talking in the living room at home. Concept for Divorce Later in Life.

Divorcing After Your Children Have Grown Up

Divorce at any stage of life is difficult. But there can be certain challenges you might face if you are divorcing after your children have grown up. Whether you stayed in your marriage longer than you should have because you thought it was “better… Read More
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Close-up of a man's hand looking at receipts through magnifying glass concept for divorce discovery.

What is Divorce Discovery?

One of the most important phases of the divorce process is “discovery.” This is the stage of a divorce where information is exchanged between the parties in order for them to make informed decisions — and successfully present their cases in cou… Read More
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Broken golden wedding rings divorce decree document. Divorce and separation concept for Documents Needed for Divorce In Missouri.

Documents Needed for Your Missouri Divorce Case

If you’re considering parting ways with your spouse, one of the first things you should do is begin gathering your financial documents as soon as possible. Dividing your marital property, splitting marital debts, deciding custody, and determining m… Read More
Little girl holding toy dreaming that family conflicts would stop, suffering from mother and father quarrels, bad family relationship, break up Legal concept for Make Divorce Easier on Your Kid: Benefits of Divorce Mediation.

Make Divorce Easier on Your Kid: Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Divorce isn’t only difficult for you and your spouse — litigation can also be hard on your children. While ending a marriage is always difficult, there is a way that you might be able to make the legal process easier for your kids. Mediation in d… Read More
Broken heart on dollar banknote - Concept of how is debt divided in divorce.

How is Debt Divided in a Missouri Divorce?

Marriage is a financial relationship as well as an emotional one. During a marriage, a couple may acquire not only property together, but also debts. If you and your spouse are parting ways and you’ve incurred a substantial amount of debt, you may… Read More
Marital Crisis. Unhappy Pregnant Black Wife Sitting Near Indifferent Husband After Quarrel At Home. Divorce During Pregnancy, Relationship Problems Concept.

Getting Divorced While Pregnant?

Divorce can be an emotional and complex process. Getting divorced while pregnant can be even more challenging. There is much confusion surrounding the question of whether you can obtain a divorce during pregnancy. While either party can file for divo… Read More
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Cropped shot of an unrecognizable mature couple sitting on the sofa with their arms folded after an argument concept for Contested Versus Uncontested Divorce: What’s the Difference?

Contested Versus Uncontested Divorce: What’s the Difference?

Ending a marriage can be difficult, but the legal process doesn’t always have to be. There are two basic types of divorce in Missouri: contested divorce and uncontested divorce. When a spouse files for divorce, they may be able to amicably resolve… Read More
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