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A father holding his young child. Visual concept for a legal blog on paternity rights.

Missouri Paternity Laws: Establishing and Challenging Parentage

Under Missouri paternity law, a father has the right to spend time with his child and develop an emotional bond with them — regardless of whether they are married to the child’s mother. If the child’s mother will not recognize the father, paren… Read More
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African-american father hugging his daughter while estranged mother watches from couch. Concept for custody modification.

When is it Time to Modify a Custody Arrangement?

When parents divorce or no longer live together, a child custody arrangement must be entered into that meets the best interests of their children. However, a family’s circumstances can change over the years — and as children grow older, a modific… Read More
Family with a mother and daughter holding a teddy bear in the father in the background. Concept for Understanding the new custody law in Missouri.

Understanding the New Custody Law in Missouri

What is the new custody law in Missouri? How will it affect you? If you are facing a custody dispute, it’s essential to have knowledgeable counsel by your side who can help to navigate the legal process. Read More
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Temporary Orders in Family Court

Depending on the complexity of the matter, a divorce case can take months — sometimes years — to go through the court system. But sometimes, you will need a prompt decision from a judge regarding issues such as who gets to live in the marital hom… Read More
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Father laughs and takes a selfie while his son holds a basketball on his head. Concept for Choosing a Guardian for Your Children.

Choosing a Guardian for Your Children

If you have minor children, it’s crucial to choose a legal guardian who will care for them in the unlikely event something happens to you. While it’s not an easy thing to consider, you must take measures to protect your children if you and the ot… Read More
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Marital Crisis. Unhappy Pregnant Black Wife Sitting Near Indifferent Husband After Quarrel At Home. Divorce During Pregnancy, Relationship Problems Concept.

Getting Divorced While Pregnant?

Divorce can be an emotional and complex process. Getting divorced while pregnant can be even more challenging. There is much confusion surrounding the question of whether you can obtain a divorce during pregnancy. While either party can file for divo… Read More
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Father and son wearing masks traveling by plane. Concept for Travel Internationally With My Child Under a Custody Order.

Can I Travel Internationally With My Child Under a Missouri Custody Order?

Parents often travel with children for a variety of purposes, such as visiting family or going on vacation. It is easy to take the ability to travel with one’s own children for granted, but when a child is subject to a Missouri child custody order,… Read More
relocating with child after divorce

Relocation After Divorce With Children: Child’s Best Interest

When the parents of a minor child get divorced in Missouri, their relationship as co-parents continues even after their marriage ends. Missouri law presumes that maintaining a close relationship with both parents is best for a child. Co-parenting pla… Read More
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How to Find the Best Divorce Lawyer for YOU

Divorce is never a pleasant process, but it does not always have to be war. Once the decision has been made—by you, by your spouse, or by both of you—to file for divorce, you must consider how you want to proceed. This includes deciding whether t… Read More

In Missouri, party waives right to appeal when a Judgment is entered by consent/agreement

Party waives right to appeal when a Judgment is entered by consent/agreement. Recent case from the Missouri Court of Appeals: Parties cannot appeal a Judgment that was entered by Stipulation (agreement). Father and Mother entered into a stipulation w… Read More