Fees and Costs

How we charge for Missouri divorce and family law services and what to expect from us:

  • Straightforward, tiered fixed fee billing with no hidden or unexpected charges.
  • Competitive rates.
  • No hourly charges.
  • No nickel and diming for phone calls, emails, text messages, etc. All are included.
  • No in house expense charges such as copies, postage, or mileage. All are included.
  • Complete transparency in fees and costs, all detailed in a written fee agreement.
  • Honesty in fees with no overbilling, double billing, or charges for unnecessary work.
  • Expert legal advice, exceptional client service, usually for lower fees than other firms.

Because of this type of billing arrangement, it is usually not possible for us to quote a fee until we meet with you to get all of the details and information about your case. Many factors can affect the cost of the case, and a thorough understanding of the case and the client is required to determine the appropriate fee. In most cases, our fees are lower than other family and divorce attorneys in the Kansas City area. To arrange for a consultation, please call us at (816) 523-6100 or email us anytime.