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We Decided to Divorce: Do I Want the House?

The following post recently appeared on Pennsylvania Family Law, a great family law blog. The post brings up several points that should be considered when dividing the marital property, particularly the home, which in the current housing market, is a… Read More

Attorneys Fee Award Requires Evidence

The Issue of attorney’s fees often comes up in domestic litigation. Missouri has adopted the American Rule regarding attorney’s fees in that, absent statutory authorization or contractual agreemtn, each litigant, absent few exceptions, mu… Read More

Award's of Attorney's Fees in Divorce and Imputation of Income for Child Support - Recent Case

Discussed below is a recent ruling from the Western District of Missouri, where the Court, among other things, upheld the trial Court’s ruling of imputation of income for child support and the award of attorney’s fees. For calculation of… Read More

8 Reasons to Have an Estate Plan

One very important, and often overlooked, factor to consider as part of your dissolution of marriage is a re-evaluation, (or first evaluation as is often the case) of your estate plan. If there is no plan in place, the laws that will determine how yo… Read More

CPA's as Forensic Accountants in Divorce

The following article has recently appeared on at least a few of the family law blogs, which I found to be particularly interesting. Thanks to the Oklahoma Family Law Blog and the Georgia Family Law Blog for sharing this information with us. Marriage… Read More

Study: Few Have Rainy Day Savings

Considering the fact that financial issues are a significant cause of stress on the family, I thought the following article, recently published at msnbc.com provided some very useful information. It is republished below: Most Americans have no emerge… Read More

Divorce Debts and Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy treats debts that were incurred in the course of a divorce or legal separation differently than run of the mill third party debts. The most common kinds of debts incurred during divorce are 1) the obligation of one spouse to pay the other… Read More

Attorney's Fees as tax deductions

The Kansas Family Law Blog had a great posting recently about the deductibility of attorney’s fees, which I have set forth below. For more information on this issue, see the tax archives of this blog It’s that time of year again. Of cours… Read More

Selling Your Home When Divorcing

The following are some infomative and useful tips on the sale of a residence in divorce from divorcehq.com For many people going through a divorce their biggest asset is their home or in legal speak, the marital residence. Deciding what to do about t… Read More