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What is a Divorce Deposition? How Can I Prepare?

A deposition can be a crucial part of the discovery process in divorce litigation. They can provide valuable information about the issues that must be decided in the case — including asset division, child custody, child support, and alimony. While… Read More
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Documents Needed for Your Missouri Divorce Case

If you’re considering parting ways with your spouse, one of the first things you should do is begin gathering your financial documents as soon as possible. Dividing your marital property, splitting marital debts, deciding custody, and determining m… Read More
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Understanding the New Custody Law in Missouri

What is the new custody law in Missouri? How will it affect you? If you are facing a custody dispute, it’s essential to have knowledgeable counsel by your side who can help to navigate the legal process. Read More
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Enforcement of Custody Orders by Contempt in Missouri

Missouri divorces that involve one or more minor children require many plans and decisions. Courts cannot grant a divorce until they are satisfied that there are provisions in place for custody of the children and visitation with both parents. What h… Read More
Missouri Coronavirus

Filing for Divorce in Kansas City in the Time of Coronavirus

These are uncertain times. We have all heard that phrase, or something like it, countless times in the past few months. Life has gone on amid uncertainty, fear, and contagion. Those who have been able to work from home have done so, and those with … Read More
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What Happens When One Parent in a Missouri Child Custody Dispute Intentionally Interferes with the Other Parent’s Visitation Rights?

In any Missouri divorce involving children, or any other dispute over child custody or visitation, decisions by the courts of this state must be in the “best interest of the children.” This is an intentionally ambiguous term. Every case is unique… Read More
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How Missouri Courts Are Applying Recent Changes to Child Custody Law

Missouri law states that a child custody arrangement must be in “the best interests of the child.” It does not provide a specific definition of the term. Instead, it gives courts rather broad discretion when deciding custody issues, and provides… Read More
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How to Find the Best Divorce Lawyer for YOU

Divorce is never a pleasant process, but it does not always have to be war. Once the decision has been made—by you, by your spouse, or by both of you—to file for divorce, you must consider how you want to proceed. This includes deciding whether t… Read More

In Missouri, party waives right to appeal when a Judgment is entered by consent/agreement

Party waives right to appeal when a Judgment is entered by consent/agreement. Recent case from the Missouri Court of Appeals: Parties cannot appeal a Judgment that was entered by Stipulation (agreement). Father and Mother entered into a stipulation w… Read More

Child support paid by third party does not equal child neglect; Proposed Judgments prepared by counsel should not be signed verbatim.

The Constitution protects the fundamental right of a parent to custody of their child even though child’s best interests are the goal of statutes governing adoption. An action for adoption without parental consent terminates, without a separate act… Read More