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Recent Family Law Rulings From the Missouri Court Of Appeals

Circuit Court May Depart From Recommendations On Physical Custody Guardian ad litem and court-appointed therapist both recommended joint legal custody and supervised visitation for Father. Circuit Court followed the former but not the latter. When ev… Read More

Case Law Update: Post-Judgment Procedures Pitfall

Susan J. Southard, Petitioner/Respondent v. James A. Southard, Respondent/Appellant, No. 89217 (Mo. App. E.D., November 27, 2007), Romines, J. This was an action for modification heard by a family court commissioner. The commissioner’s findings… Read More
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Recent family law decisions from the Missouri Courts of Appeals

Death Moots Appeal Father’s death mooted Mother’s appeal of visitation provisions in judgment. As to Third-Party Respondent, Mother’s appeal of property division is supported by evidence in the record, so Court of Appeals affirms. &… Read More

Missouri Family Case Law Update: Error in Classification of Property No Grounds for Reversal

Evidence showing Husband’s abuse and attempts to co-opt Child into abusive behaviors supported order of restricted and supervised visitation. Testimony against Husband was not biased, just unfavorable. Trial Court erred in classifying property… Read More

Important and helpful documents needed for your divorce case

If you are contemplating filing for divorce, or if you are already involved in a proceeding, it is critically important for your attorney to have a complete financial picture of both spouses. This includes income, asset, and debt information for both… Read More