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Custody alternating year to year approved

Recent case:  Uncommon alternating year parenting schedule approved for military family Mother appeals the judgment of the circuit court granting the motion of Father, which modified the schedule of physical custody (parenting time) and which modifi… Read More

Child Support Credit for Overnights Mandatory

Recent case: A. Harris vs. G Harris, Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern District – ED99276 Father appeals the trial court’s judgment and decree of dissolution of marriage. Father claims the trial court erred in calculating Father’s child su… Read More

Missouri Divorce FAQ: What is spousal maintenance (alimony), how is it calculated, and how long does it last in Missouri?

In a Missouri divorce case, one of the issues that the Court will have to decide is the payment of maintenance (alimony) to the former spouse.  Spousal maintenance payments are monthly payments made from one spouse to the other when one spouse c… Read More

Court must consider division of marital property before ordering spousal maintenance (alimony); Factors that determine amount of spousal support.

In a recent ruling from the Court of Appeals, Husband appealed the trial Court’s decision granting maintenance to the Wife, claiming, among other things, that the Court did not consider the Wife’s award of marital property, and the abil… Read More

"Sole physical custody" award that incorporates significant parenting time to the other parent is not sole custody by definition, but joint custody instead

Recent ruling: TC A Minor Child, by and through JC, Next Friend and JC, Individually v SI Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District – WD7455 Father appeals from a judgment entered in the Circuit Court of Clay County in an action to establis… Read More

Family lawyers and Divorce Attorneys function hand in hand with Forensic Accountants

The following post was contributed by guest author Grant Webb, an accounting and accounting law writer for Bisk Education and Villanova University.   Forensic Accountants Fill a Unique Niche Family law and divorce cases are often quite complex.… Read More

Awarding Tax Dependency Credit To Non Custodial Parent Not Prejudicial When Custodial Parent Has No Income

New Case Law: CB v. DB Missouri Court of Appeals, Southern District – SD31614 Notwithstanding the fact that the Missouri case law generally states that tax benefits must go to the custodial spouse unless the trial court expressly finds it unjus… Read More

December Courts Bulletin: Recent updates in Missouri Case Law

Value of a closely-held corporation must be as fair market value and application of a calculation of value via a buy-sell agreement not related to fair market value is error. Wood v. Wood, No. 96218 (Mo. App. W.D., November 29, 2011), Romines, J.… Read More

Characterization of Property in Divorce - Increases in Value of Non-Marital Assets only Marital to Extent of Marital Contributions

Under Missouri Law, certain property is considered to be non-marital, and not part of the division of the marital estate in a divorce proceeding.  Non-marital property includes property: Acquired before the marriage; Acquired by gift or inherit… Read More

Who gets to claim the kids for federal and state income tax purposes?

There are many ways that the income tax dependency for children in divorce can be handled, although most of them are not supported by the law.  If the parties are in agreement, then nearly any method of claiming the children can be use… Read More

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