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Missouri Case Law Development: Parenting Plan Must Address School Holidays and Birthdays

Record supports Trial Court’s order for anger management, and order is sufficiently specific to enforce. Trial Court did not stop Father from participating during in-chambers interview, and Child’s statements in that procedure support cus… Read More

Missouri Case Law Development: Trial Court May Modify Child Support Beyond Motion 30 Days After Judgment

Thirty days after it issues its judgment, Trial Court loses jurisdiction other than the modifications requested in timely motion and any necessary to correctly calculate child support. “In this case, when Husband petitioned the trial court to .… Read More

Giving Depositions in your family law case: An Overview and some tips

In its simplest form, a deposition is the giving of oral testimony under oath before trial. Depositions are conducted in front of a court reporter and will assist your attorney in the preparation for trial. The use of oral depositions is a standard p… Read More

20% Change in income rule does not apply to modifications of support orders using an amount other than the presumed amount

In Missouri, generally, for a parent to modify child support, they must show a substantial and continuing change in circumstances that warrant a change in support. Missouri law states that if there is a 20% increase or decrease in the incomes of one… Read More