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Child support paid by third party does not equal child neglect; Proposed Judgments prepared by counsel should not be signed verbatim.

The Constitution protects the fundamental right of a parent to custody of their child even though child’s best interests are the goal of statutes governing adoption.  An action for adoption without parental consent terminates, without a separate a… Read More

Marijuana use not grounds for termination of parental rights

Recent Case: Marijuana use under the level of chemical dependency not grounds for termination of parental rights Father appeals from the judgment terminating his parental rights. Grounds for termination of parental rights require clear and convincing… Read More

Who Can Adopt a Child?

Advice for single people, married couples, domestic partners, and lesbians and gay men. As a general rule, any adult who is considered a “fit parent” may adopt a child, but some states have special requirements for adoptive parents. In a… Read More
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Step Parent Adoption

In a stepparent adoption you need to get the consent of the birth parent or have the birth parent’s rights terminated. In most states, a stepparent adoption is much easier to complete than a non-relative adoption. The procedure is generally the… Read More
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Independent Adoption

The advantages and disadvantages of skipping the agency when you adopt a child. Independent adoptions are attractive to birth parents and prospective adoptive parents because they allow the people involved to keep control over the adoption process. H… Read More
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Agency Adoptions

The procedures and costs involved when you adopt a child through an agency. Using an agency to manage your adoption can be helpful for a number of reasons. Agencies are experienced in finding children, matching them with parents, and satisfying the n… Read More
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Adoption Basics

Learn about types of adoption, rules about consent, and how a home study works. Types of Adoption There are quite a few different ways to bring a child into your life, or confirm your legal relationship with one, through adoption. Here?��Ǩ�Ѣ… Read More
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Choosing a Guardian for Your Children

If you have children, you should choose a personal guardian — someone to raise them in the unlikely event you can’t. If your children are young, you’ve probably thought about who would raise them if for some reason you and the other… Read More

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