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This Week in Missouri Family Law

Conduct During Marriage Influences Judgment Wife’s inability to support herself due to health problems and lack of skills supports award of maintenance. Evidence of Wife’s resources, from later hearing on attorney fees, is no basis for re… Read More

Selling Your Home When Divorcing

The following are some infomative and useful tips on the sale of a residence in divorce from For many people going through a divorce their biggest asset is their home or in legal speak, the marital residence. Deciding wha… Read More

Missouri Family Case Law Update: Error in Classification of Property No Grounds for Reversal

Evidence showing Husband’s abuse and attempts to co-opt Child into abusive behaviors supported order of restricted and supervised visitation. Testimony against Husband was not biased, just unfavorable. Trial Court erred in classifying property… Read More

Case Law Update:Debt to Spouse was not discharged in Bankruptcy

Separation Agreement gave Amway distributorship to Wife for monthly payments to Husband. That payment was considered support because nothing else provided maintenance, the payment was in installments, it was subject to modification based on Amway pro… Read More

Searching for Hidden Assets at Divorce

How to find property your spouse may be concealing when you divorce. This list includes common ways in which a spouse may undervalue or disguise marital assets: Antiques, artwork, hobby equipment, gun collections, and tools that are overlooked or u… Read More
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Kansas City family law attorney Mark A. Wortman handles only divorce and family law matters, and practices only in the State of Missouri. Due to this specialty, Mark has handled thousands of Missouri divorce and family cases and has practiced extensi… Read More