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Family Violence. Unrecognizable African American Man Threatening Wife And Daughter With His Fist, Scared Mother Embracing Little Girl While Sitting Together On Couch, Selective Focus On Male Hand

Family Violence: Legal Help for Those Living in Missouri With an Abuser

Domestic violence is a serious crime under Missouri law in most situations, particularly when it involves physical violence or actions meant to put someone in fear of physical injury. Abuse victims often find it difficult to leave relationships with… Read More

Conduct not to level of stalking to support protection order

Recent Case: Respondent’s conduct did not rise to the level of stalking to support an order of protection. Respondent appeals from the judgment of the trial court granting a full order of protection in favor of Petitioner. Respondent argues the tri… Read More

Factors Considered by the Court when Making a Custody Determination

In Missouri, there are guidelines that the Court must follow in making a child custody determination. While all child custody determinations must be made in accordance with the best welfare and interests of the child, there is also a statutory and ca… Read More