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Child Custody and Religion

When parents of different faiths separate, how do courts decide whose religion the children will follow? When parents of different faiths separate, they don’t always agree on whose religion the children will follow. With increasing numbers of i… Read More

Types of Custody

Learn the difference between legal custody, physical custody, sole custody, and joint custody. Legal Custody Legal custody of a child means having the right and the obligation to make decisions about a child’s upbringing. A parent with legal cu… Read More

Parenting Agreements

Practical steps to help you create a workable parenting plan with your child’s other parent. If you are divorcing and you have kids, the most important task ahead of you is to make an agreement with your spouse about custody and visitation. No… Read More

Grandparent and Caretaker Visitation Rights

Learn how child visitation laws affect grandparents’, stepparents’, and caretakers’ visitation rights. Grandparents, stepparents, and other caretakers often form deep and loving attachments with the children in their lives. Yet when… Read More

Paternity Suit

A lawsuit to determine the identity of the father of a child born outside of marriage, and to provide for the support of the child once the identity of the father has been determined. Copyright © 2005 Nolo Read More

How can I keep custody of my daughter when her father has a criminal record?

QUESTION: My daughter is almost seven months old. Her father will soon be 20, but he acts like he is 12. He’s used drugs and has a criminal record (for assaults). Since my daughter’s birth, he has only visited her once a month and given h… Read More

Temporary Orders in Family Court

What kind of temporary orders you can get in family court, and how. Typical lawsuits take months, if not years, to make it to court. But if you’re getting divorced and need a quick decision from a judge about who gets the kids, the car, the mon… Read More

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Kansas City family law attorney Mark A. Wortman handles only divorce and family law matters, and practices only in the State of Missouri. Due to this specialty, Mark has handled thousands of Missouri divorce and family cases and has practiced extensi… Read More