"Roe v. Wade for Men" dismissed

According to the Associated Press, A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by the National Center for Men, dubbed "Roe v. Wade for Men". The father of the child claimed that he should not have to pay child support to the mother of the child because she knew good and well that he didn't want to have a child and she assured him that she couldn't get pregnant because of a medical condition.

He argued that if a pregnant woman can choose among abortion, adoption, or raising a child, then a man in an unintended pregnancy can bail out on supporting the child under the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution. After the father sued the state over the $500 per month support order, the judge rejected the argument because the father "failed to see that the state played no role in the conception or birth of the child, or in the decisions that resulted in the birth of the child."

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