6-1-2007 This Weeks Family Law Cases

Failure To Provide Shown
Overwhelming evidence supporting Circuit Court's finding that Mother was negligent included frequent moves and association with men known to abuse children, failure to make and keep appointments for Child's therapy, and failure to contribute. Mother waived findings of fact by filing no motion to amend.
In re the Interest of: K.M.C., III. Missouri Court of Appeals Southern District

Too Much Grandparent Visitation
Courts will determine on a case-by-case basis whether Grandparent visitation intrudes too much on parenting. Circuit Court's order of Grandparent visitation on regular weekends and holidays was more than the occasional and temporary amount allowed by statute because it "would leave fewer options for the family to socialize as a unit. Thus, we remand the case to the trial court to order visitation that is less frequent and more flexible than the current one."
Don Shemwell and Mary Shemwell, Respondents, v. Karen Arni, Appellant. Missouri Court of Appeals Western District.

Source for Post: The Missouri Bar