I am writing to provide a very high recommendation of Mark Wortman. I live outside the state of MO and I conducted a review of 3 Attorney's and Mark was one of them. The reason I selected him over the other two was due to genuine interest in me and my situation, his honesty concerning points of my discussion and him providing a realistic plan. He never tried to overstate any situation and based everything on the laws and his experience.

Once I hired Mark he began immediately and provided me a list of items that he needed, he also tried to keep the process in gear so he pushed me several times to get all the information he requested to him, in some circumstances I did not have all the information and he worked for alternatives. He always moved quickly and I never had to call and ask him to move faster, although I did call for updates and he always returned my call within 24 hours, but normally same day (depending on his court schedule).

I do have to say, Mark is a very calming person, and while it was very easy to get wrapped up in everything, he always was able to keep me level headed and explained why a certain circumstance was the better approach, he always let me make the decision, however, he was always right on. During my several journeys to court, over the phone and in KC, Mark ensured he had his response in on time and that I was prepared for the procedure and the potential questions and always said "tell the truth". Mark is very professional, but very confident. He knows Divorce Law and will lead you down the path, if you unfortunately have to go through it. I would recommend Mark in a second to my friends or others that had to go through this process; you want someone that will be Honest and Realistic with your situation.