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SB 25: New Legislation affecting child support and modifying how long non-custodial parents have to pay child support for kids in college

Senate Bill 25, set to take effect on August 28 of this year, was delivered to governor Matt Blunt on May 30, 2007. The Bill affects various statutes pertaining to child protection, enforcement of child support, and termination of child support, The… Read More

Courts Bulletin:Child Custody

Evidence of abuse of a party must be allowed in child custody proceeding. KRP, a Minor by her Next Friend, Gleanice Brown, and Gleanice Brown, Individually, Respondent, v. Curtis Penyweit, Appellant, No. 66003 (Mo. App. W.D., April 24, 2007), Smith,… Read More

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Kansas City family law attorney Mark A. Wortman handles only divorce and family law matters, and practices only in the State of Missouri. Due to this specialty, Mark has handled thousands of Missouri divorce and family cases and has practiced extensi… Read More