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Divorce Debts and Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy treats debts that were incurred in the course of a divorce or legal separation differently than run of the mill third party debts. The most common kinds of debts incurred during divorce are 1) the obligation of one spouse to pay the other… Read More

Tax implications of divorce I - Deduct your attorney's fees?

Attorney’s fees for professional services by a divorce attorney can be deductible, but not in their entirety.  Fees attributed to a dissolution of marriage are not deductible, which includes pleadings, court appearances, and non-tax relate… Read More

Case law Update: A finding of Paternity in a Dissolution proceeding is Res Judicata on the issue of Paternity.

Trial judge is prohibited from ordering ex-husband to submit to genetic testing where previous divorce judgment found that ex-husband was not the father of child, where child was represented by a guardian ad litem (“GAL”) and where husban… Read More

Tips for Parents During and After Divorce

1. PUT YOUR KIDS FIRST AND DON’T GET CAUGHT UP IN THE WAR.  It is very easy to become so consumed with the conflict with your spouse that you can lose sight of the most important people in the case, your children.  Don’t put you… Read More
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Division of Military Disposable Retired Pay in Divorce Proceedings

Under a federal law called the Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act (USFSPA for short), Missouri courts are empowered to divide a service members disposable retired pay in the same manner as property.  Since disposable retired pa… Read More

Important and helpful documents needed for your divorce case

If you are contemplating filing for divorce, or if you are already involved in a proceeding, it is critically important for your attorney to have a complete financial picture of both spouses.  This includes income, asset, and debt information fo… Read More

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Kansas City family law attorney Mark A. Wortman handles only divorce and family law matters, and practices only in the State of Missouri. Due to this specialty, Mark has handled thousands of Missouri divorce and family cases and has practiced extensi… Read More