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When Child Support Terminates in Missouri; Requirements for the Continuation of Child Support while the Child Attends College

Generally, in Missouri child support terminates when a child dies, marries, enters the military, becomes self supporting, or turns 18. However, child support can continue after age 18, and all the way to age 21, if the following requirements are met:… Read More

Bankruptcy Filings Up Substantially in 2009

As a practicing family and bankruptcy attorney, I consistently run into cases where people are dealing with both a divorce (or other family law related matter), as well as a bankruptcy. This is because, many times, one is the cause of the other (this… Read More

Recent Case: Termination Of Incarcerated Parent's Rights Reversed

In a recent termination of parental rights case, the Court stated that statutory grounds of abandonment, neglect, and unfitness require clear, cogent, and convincing evidence. The Incarcerated parent’s diligent efforts at maintaining contact with c… Read More

The Financial Aspects of Divorce: Why It usually IS "All About The Money"

I can’t think of how many times that I have had a client tell me, regardless of what the issue is that is in dispute, that the opposing party is “just worried about money” or that it is “all about the money” for him or her, and that is thei… Read More

Domestic Support Obligations and Bankruptcy

With so many people facing bankruptcy in the current climate, it may be good news to know (depending on which side you are on, of course) that the bankruptcy does not allow a person owing a domestic support obligation to use bankruptcy as a way to av… Read More

Missouri Child Support Guidelines and Case Law: Part 1 - Gross Income, Overtime, and Bonuses

For the purposes of calculating child support in Missouri, the Form 14 calculation is used. The starting point is the Gross Income of the parties. So, what does that include and what exactly does it mean? The following is a summary of the official co… Read More

Division of Military Disposable Retired Pay in Divorce Proceedings

Under a federal law called the Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act (USFSPA for short), Missouri courts are empowered to divide a service members disposable retired pay in the same manner as property. Since disposable retired pay is a fede… Read More