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Enforcement of Missouri Divorce Decrees: Contempt of Court Proceedings.

When a Missouri divorce is concluded, and the Judgment Decree is signed by the judge, regardless of whether the case was settled or tried by the court, the parties are expected to follow the order. While most people do, there are always those who cho… Read More

Form 14 Mandatory for Determination of Child Support

Recent Case Holding: The trial Court is required to calculate the presumed amount of child support pursuant to Civil Procedure Form 14. In a recent case from the Missouri Court of Appeals – Eastern District, Husband appeals from the trial Court’s… Read More

Temporary breaks in post-secondary vocational education do not violate the continuous enrollment requirement of Missouri's post-secondary education child support law.

Child support in Missouri can continue after the child turns 18, and until 21, if the child is attending a post high school education program, provided that several requirements are met. (See RSMo section 452.340.5 below in the extended post). One su… Read More

Reducing your child's stress

Divorce brings with it a lot of changes and a very real sense of loss. Kids – and parents – grieve the loss of the kind of family they had hoped for, and children especially grieve the loss of the presence of a parent. That’s why so… Read More