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Domestic Support Obligations and Bankruptcy

With so many people facing bankruptcy in the current climate, it may be good news to know (depending on which side you are on, of course) that the bankruptcy does not allow a person owing a domestic support obligation to use bankruptcy as a way to av… Read More

Divorce and Bankruptcy: When families are facing both, which should come first?

In this time of economic downturn, I am seeing quite a few people filing for divorce who have substantial debt problems, and many are considering, or needing, to file for bankruptcy. This is especially true considering that a large number of those co… Read More

How To Prevent Divorce From Hurting Your Credit

The following post recently appeared in the New York Divorce Report. This article addresses one of the most important issues in a divorce, the division of marital debts. If parties have joint debt, whether it is a credit card, loan, auto loan, mortga… Read More

Award's of Attorney's Fees in Divorce and Imputation of Income for Child Support - Recent Case

Discussed below is a recent ruling from the Western District of Missouri, where the Court, among other things, upheld the trial Court’s ruling of imputation of income for child support and the award of attorney’s fees. For calculation of… Read More

How Will Divorce Affect My Credit:

The following article was recently published by Jimmy Atkinson on his blog Ask the Advisor. This article addresses a very important issue in a dissolution of marriage proceeding, the division of debt. If not done properly or completely, outstanding d… Read More

This Week in Missouri Family law

Pension Was Marital And Non-Marital Property Pension is a hybrid of marital and non-marital property; the former to the extent that it represents deferred payment of wages earned during the marriage, and the latter to the extent that it represents co… Read More

This Week in Missouri Family Law

Conduct During Marriage Influences Judgment Wife’s inability to support herself due to health problems and lack of skills supports award of maintenance. Evidence of Wife’s resources, from later hearing on attorney fees, is no basis for re… Read More

Attorney's Fees as tax deductions

The Kansas Family Law Blog had a great posting recently about the deductibility of attorney’s fees, which I have set forth below. For more information on this issue, see the tax archives of this blog It’s that time of year again. Of cours… Read More

Selling Your Home When Divorcing

The following are some infomative and useful tips on the sale of a residence in divorce from For many people going through a divorce their biggest asset is their home or in legal speak, the marital residence. Deciding what to do about t… Read More

What You Can (and Can't) Do With a Prenuptial Agreement

Understand what you can accomplish by making a prenuptial contract before you marry. If you’re trying to decide whether or not to make a prenuptial agreement, you’ll need to understand what this type of contract can — and can’… Read More
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